Homemade avocado mask!

4 years ago

This is an easy face mask i did last week. After we ate dinner one day we had a piece of avocado leftover that was starting to turn brown and nobody was going to eat it so i decided to use it for a face mask!! The ingredients are sooo easy, you just need olive oil and a piece of avocado. This is 1/4 of an avocado and with this i made enough for 3 uses!! I put the avocado in a small container, with a fork i was smushing it down but found that stabbing it was not only easier but a way for me to destress. lol. After i got it broken down a little i added about a spoon of olive oil and kept mixing it, i wanted to get a paste consistency. After that you just apply!! I love that you can use this all over, on your face, in your hair, just leave it in for at least 10-15 minutes and your face feels amazing!!! I actually kept mine on for more than 30 mins since i was doing different things around the house, i just love hoe my face felt afterwards!! After some time with the mask on of course the avocado is going to start turning brown but that`s okay! The mask gets a littleeee bit hard but hardly at all. You should wash your face BEFORE you do your mask and not after. and if you made too much to use one time like i did, than putting a little lemon juice in the mix & putting a lid on the container will help it from turning brown.

-Have you ever made your own facial masks?

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