Homemade Apple Crisp

5 years ago

I had a huge bag of apples sitting my fridge - 8 pounds! So to help eat them up, my boyfriend and I made apple crisp! I followed http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/apple-crisp/3715a45c-3c00-430c-bbe2-9865f9013238 but I made a few changes!

  • First, I used 7 apples and I didn`t peel them. I figured leaving the skins on would provide more fiber and make the dessert a bit healthier.

  • Second, I doubled the topping recipe. I added 2 heaping half-cups of oatmeal (so there would be more) and added about 3/4 cup flour. Additionally, I used about 1 cup of white sugar (instead of brown) and used one stick of butter. I also added a lot more cinnamon because mine is kind of old. Unfortunately I didn`t have any nutmeg, so that got left out.

  • Last, I baked the dessert for about 1 hour and 20 minutes since there was so much of it there!
  • Overall the dessert came out great, as you can see by the time I got to take a picture, only a tiny bit was left! I think this is a great easy recipe for a delicious and
    almost healthy dessert! I did find there was a bit too much topping, it wouldn`t fit in the pan so I ended up packing it up and freezing it so I can use it for the next time I make apple crisp! Photos are my own.

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