Homemade Afternoon Fruit Snack

Sometimes, in the afternoon, I get hungry for an easy snack. So I decided to make fruit mix by myself. This is an easy 5 minute process. The best part is that it`s healthy for you~containing a BUNCH of vitamin C! All you have to do is: 1) get pineapple cuts, blueberries, a small orange, and a banana. 2) Everyone has their ways of cutting fruit. So,cut the pineapple(if not already cut), cut the orange,and the banana. 3) Then, get a medium-small sized bowl, and mix the pineapple, orange, and banana together. After mixing those fruits, add just a handful of blueberries. 4) I personally like to "season" my fruits with the juice of other fruits. So, pour just a little bit of orange juice into the bowl and mix it around.
Making this is as easy as learning your ABC`s. :)

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