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5 years ago

Having an actual home cooked meal makes me feel very happy and warm at heart. Since at home, my parents aren`t home most of the time so home-cooked food is never an option for me since I don`t really know how to cook. This is just a sign for me to learn now.

My friend was off that day from work so she decided to cook at home for us instead of heading out to eat. Even her boyfriend said <em>"She will only cook at home if you guys (as in me and my other friend) are here"</em> LOL, that made us laugh. It does get tiring to cook at home when you work most of the time. This is my first homecooked meal in months and it was a great meal.

<strong>1)</strong> <em>Soy Sauce Honey Chicken Wings</em> is one of my friend`s specialty. It really does taste so good, I ate so much of it and even the next day I finished it because there were left overs.
<strong>2)</strong> <em>Egg & Tomatoes</em> was extremely tasty. I love it when eggs and tomatoes are mixed together.
<strong>3)</strong> <em>Salmon</em> was pretty good too but it was a tad bit on the fishier side. It was still good but I didn`t eat much of it.
<strong>4)</strong> <em>Beef with Mushrooms</em> was pretty good, well the mushrooms were very very good since I am a huge fan of mushrooms. The beef was okay since they were a tad bit chewy for me.

Overall, the meal made my heart felt so touched since it was a good meal and it was made by my lovely best friend.

<em>Do you prefer eating at home or outside?
Do you eat homecooked meal on a daily basis?
What did you have for dinner today?</em>

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