Homecoming Senior Year 2013

3 years ago

For homecoming, I got ready with my friend and two other friends. One of my friend`s (the one with blond hair) is actually an exchange student from Europe and this was going to be her first ever homecoming!! I`m so jealous of her because I want to go to Europe so badly. For my freshman year, I wore a poofy dress, my sophomore year, I wore a less fluffy, and finally my senior year, I chose to go for a tight bodycon dress! I got this dress over the summer and I have yet to wear it so I decided to wear it for homecoming! Why waste money on another dress I would only wear once? (plus our school isn`t as fancy when it comes to dances. 1/2 of the people dress up nicely (usually the freshman/sophomore) while the other half dress like they are going clubbing. lol)
Overall, homecoming was a huge hit for me. It was awkward in the beginning, but once people started dancing, things got a lot better. I got more comfortable and it was just lots of fun. The exchange student loved homecoming and in fact, she was the one to push me all the way to the front to dance as well as pushing me into a guy. It was pretty awesome. Apparently, they don`t dance like this in Europe so she was nervous at first though I know she does love dancing and music. I really wonder what Europe is like?? I need to study abroad when I am in college!

After homecoming was over at 11, we all decided to go out for a late night dinner since we didn`t eat much beforehand. I wasn`t all for a `late night dinner` because I really wanted to go home and just rest, but I`m glad my friends dragged me into it. After dancing for 3+ hours, I was not only tired, but a bit hungry. We went to a local restaurant that was open 24/7. I got a simple 1/2 meal and some melon. It was a lot of fun and a great way to end an amazing day!

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