Homecoming Dinner at Bubba Gump

4 years ago

i didn`t get home until late wednesday night so last night, my family went out for my homecoming dinner. we decided to go to bubba gump because we`ve been a few times already and we`ve always liked it.

i ordered the baja shrimp tacos, which were really yummy! i`ve actually never had shrimp tacos before so it was a new experience but i definitely enjoyed them. i was afraid the shrimp would be kind of hard to chew but they ended up being quite easy to eat. they were served with tortilla chips but i tried not to eat as many of them because chips aren`t that nutritious or anything.

my sister ordered chicken tenders and they were served with fries and ranch dressing for dipping. typical! we told her to try seafood but she`s persistent, so she just got her chicken strips.

for appetizers (and as much of an entree as things ended up haha), my parents got the shrimper`s net catch and they asked for both the seasonings. they ordered the 2/3 pound and it was HUGE. there was no shot of us finishing that haha! we got pretty close though but only because we all went for it

in addition to that, my mom ordered one of the salads for my parents to share. she wanted something healthy. typical! unfortunately that was the one thing i didn`t photograph and i didn`t quite catch exactly which salad it was that they ordered but it looked good too!

all in all, it was a great meal with my family and i`m so excited to be home!

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