Home warming candles from Yankee Candles

My obsession with Yankee Candles began a few weeks ago, when I bought 2 tarts. A tart is a small piece of scented wax that you can burn in a burning ceramic little cup, and once the wax is melted, it does not evaporate. So technically you can reuse it from 5 to 10 times. Those 2 tarts were clean Cotton, their most popular scent, and A childs wish. The company describes this scent as a warm breeze of soft flowers and fresh green fields that captures the sweet innocence of childhood days playing in the backyard. I was impressed with their scents and quality, the apartment was overfilled with the scent of the burning tarts.
Since their candles are quite expensive (about 30 dollars a big jar), I decided to try some of their samples and tarts before going for the big jars, just to make sure I 100% like their scent. So what better time than to start with their Christmas scents (I know, it is a bit early). I ordered them online, since the store did not have yet the Christmas collection. I got the following: Christmas cookie, Cherries on snow, Sparkling Snow, Christmas cupcake, White Christmas, Snow in love, Apple and Pine Needle, and another two that are not related to Christmas: wedding day tart and a sample of Black Cherries.
My favorite one was Black Cherries, because I have smelled it in the store and loved it. But once I started to actually burn it, the scent was not quite the one I expected. It smelled a bit like plastic cherry.
I havent tried the other ones yet, but so far I can tell most of them smell like icy almonds, buttery vanilla cupcakes and cinnamon apple cider (just like Christmas itself).
Once I burn them all (during the holidays, or even earlier), I will decide which one deserves to be bought in a big jar.
I will keep you updated.

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