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4 years ago

Hey everyone. Ok so i have tried loads of the teeth whitening tooth pastes out there and honestly, they do absolutely nothing so i decided i would go for it and try out one of the home kits. I have fairly white teeth anyway, but i guess im looking for that `Hollywood` smile! haha. I found this kit on Groupon so i got it for around £24.00 i think it was originally meant to be a lot more expansive. The teeth whitening kit i choose to use is by `Beaming White` (website linked below)

Ok so i was so excited to get home form work today and try it out! I just finished with my first application just over an hour ago and here is what i think! :D

<b> Application </b>
The application/ using the product is so easy!
- First of all you have to mould the gum mould to the shape of your teeth, you do this by placing the mould in boiling water and then placing it on your teeth. Honestly i dont think they are a lot of good, this is the only bad thing about the whole kit. I found they didnt really mould to the shape of my teeth and i had gaps everywhere. They were so uncomfortable to have in baring in mind your meant to keep them in for 20-45 minutes. So i had an amazing idea and i used my teeth mould that i had done at the dentist.
- Once you have your mould, you then have to spray your toothbrush with a solution given in the kit, this tastes amazing! :D it says to brush with this for at least 60 seconds.
- Then your ready for the fun part! Basically all you have to do is put the teeth whitening gel into the mould and place them onto your teeth.

<b> Results. </b>
Ok so as soon as you take the mould out, your going to want to rinse your mouth with water. When you do this just bare in mind your teeth are going to be a little sensitive, so your not going to want anything too cold. I think you can see the results straight away, my teeth looked considerably whiter and felt to clean, im so happy with the results and cant wait to use it again and see if i can improve upon whiteness!! :D haha. As for sensitivity, they were a little tender once i took the mould out, but i just sat and had a hot drink and had no problems at all with sensitivity!

Have any of you guys tried home teeth whitening and what did you think?
Thanks for reading!
Megan xx

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