Home Remedies for Stomach Flu

On Thursday, I came down with the stomach flu and boy was that not fun at all. I am still currently feeling sick but a lot better. There is no cure or medication for the stomach flu - just your body will fight and fight until the virus is gone.

But there are some remedies and recommendations by the doctor when I went to Urgent Care is:

- REST - you will need to nap/sleep/rest, I was bed ridden for like 2 days!
- LOTS OF LIQUIDS - your body has lack of liquids. Drink lots of water, power drinks like Powerade and Gatorade is good for because it has electrolytes, teas, clear liquids, broths. Avoid sodas, coffee, alcohol (obviously), juices because they can upset your tummy.
- EAT - even though you have lack of energy and appetite you should eat foods like apple sauce, rice, banana, rice, soups, toast. Avoid food that contain caffeine, dairy products, spicy foods, and/or high-fat foods.
- MEDICATION - take Tylenol if you have a fever/headache other than that the stomach flu doesn`t have any medication you can take.

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