Home pedicure: how to

How to have a home pedicure
Today I`ll be back with an article on how to have as perfect pedicure in a spa or salon for a quarter of the price. Indeed, pedicures can be very expensive, but they are so easy to do yourself.

1) Steps

1. The first step is to cut toenails. You must cut quite short, leaving a blank line on the nails. Also, cut into several sections. Turning off in one piece ensures that nails can crack.

2. The second step is to file the toenails to obtain a desired shape. Indeed, some prefer a more curved cuts. Personally, I prefer a straighter cuts. Must file the nails in one direction. Also, do not use a metal nail file. It should be preferred limes cardboard or glass that are even better.

3. Thereafter, it`s time to soak the feet in warm water. Also, add a little soap in the water and 1/4 milk. I also like added, sometimes, some essential oils or sea salt Let your feet between 5 and 10 minutes. The more your feet are cracked, you must leave them more time.

4. Thereafter, we must soften the driest regions. For this, I suggest you two tools. The first is a grater for your feet. This is perfect for removing dead skin. Mine is one of Revlon and it was costing around $ 8.00 I think. My second tool is a nail file to the feet. Mine comes from Bath & BodyWorks at a price of $ 8.00. here

5. You have to push the cuticles with a cuticle pushes a wooden stick or orange.

6. We must then apply a thick moisturizer. Indeed, the feet are thick. Thus, we need a moisturizer suited to them. I often opt for instead of butter or cream. I use the Super Rich Cream Bath & BodyWorks here at a cost of $ 15.00.

7. The final step is to apply nail polish of your choice! Before applying this varnish, remove excess oil due to the moisturizer with nail polish. Subsequently, I rub Vaseline on cuticles and skin around the nail to not let them go top of the varnish. Apply the polish and top coat desired. And voila! It`s over. Often I`ll put the cream on my feet and put socks over and sleep with the next morning my feet are so beautiful and soft.

What are your tips for a perfect manicure? And what are preferred varnish to put on your feet?

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