Home made stir fried noodles

5 years ago

yum i love home made food! today for lunch my mom made this stir fired noodles with veggies, beef and shrimp! yum all my favorites! she said that first she washed, and cut up all the veggies- we had broccoli, carrots, califlower and celery. then she washes and cuts up the beef. washes all the shrimp. then she boiled up those yellow noodles u see typically in stir fried noodle dishes. first she said that she cooks all the shrimp and beef. as they take a bit longer to cook. then she slowly adds in all the veggies. then in a separate pan she has all the noodles in there and adds all of the meats and veggies to it and adds some olive oil, fish sauce and salt and toss all of this together with the noodles. its soo good! yummy lunch i had today for sure :)

have you made your own stir fried noodles before?

photo is my own

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