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If you are anything like me you love to use a setting spray in your make up routine to keep your make up in place throughout the day/night, especially if, like me you have oily skin! Another great use for setting spray is dampening your brushes for foundation application or for foiling on eyeshadows! But you may know/realise that decent setting sprays canthey can be quite expensive, SO; instead of buying them why not make your own! Its simple, cheap and easy!!

-1 part pure glycerin (You can find it in the facial care, pharmacy, cooking, or even craft stores)
-3 parts Filtered water
-Something to put it in (spray bottle is the best idea I can come up with)

All you do is mix 1/4 glycerin to 3/4 water inside a spray bottle and use. That would be if you have combination skin.
If you have oily skin try 1/5 glycerin to 4/5 water and if you have dry skin try using 1/3 part glycerin to 2/3 parts water.

If you have redness in your skin you can add some rose water, that will also give it a nice rose smell.

Source link: http://justtorisdreams.blogspot.co.nz/2011/07/homemade-make-up-setter-mixing-medium.html

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