Home made Aspirin, honey, bicarb and chamomile scrub mask

1 year ago

I have sensitive skin and a lot of products can cause me to come out in itchy red rashes. I like to experiment with making my own face products that are gentle and free - you will have most items in your home already! Here are the items and their individual uses that make them effective in a mask or cleanser!

Aspirin - these cheap little uncoated tabs contain salicylic acid - the ingredient used to fight blemishes in a lot of anti acne products! I put 2 in a ramekin and squashed them with the back of a spoon to make a powder. Aspirin works by unclogging pores and reducing irritated skin. Bare in mind if you try this to do so in stages, maybe try with one tablet crushed first and wash off within a few minutes - it is still a medicine and may not be suited for everyone.

Manuka Honey - I use a teaspoon of manuka honey and mix with the aspirin. The honey is moisturising and antibacterial. Some people swear by it for reducing spots so this combination potentially doubles its effectiveness as a blemish buster! Its also a great anti-inflammatory.

Bicarbonate of soda - I have already done a separate review on the fantastic benefits of bicarb - mix half a teaspoon or more into your honey and aspirin mix for a gentle exfoliation and cleanse.

Chamomile - I made a cup of chamomile tea with a teabag and then used the contents of the left over bag to go into my mask/ scrub mixture. Chamomile tea is very relaxing and therefore a nice way to relax drinking a cup while letting the magical tea leaves soothe your skin along with the other fab ingredients. See the below link for more information on the amazing effects of chamomile and for more home made mask recipes!!

Picture attached is my own. I also show a nose pore strip which you can get for next to nothing which will finalise and refresh your glowing complexion.

Source link: http://homemademasks.net/homemade-beauty-treatments/the-amazing-benefits-of-chamomile/

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