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4 years ago

Artwork when hung in the right way can also draw the eye upward just like the draperies mentioned above. Stack artwork on top of one another and take it higher than you normally would and suddenly guests eyes will take in much more of the room.

If your small home contains several nooks and crannies that seem basically useless, try painting the space a dramatic color, mount a shelf and display a contrasting vase or hang a painting that will stand out against the interesting wall color choice. Once again, a useless space is transformed into a stunning focal point that normally would be ignored by everyone. This tiny space now has become a big decorating moment within your home.Also, if you need bookcases and shelves for storage in your small home and you need them to actually house books and items rather than remain half-empty and used for decorating purposes only, why not arrange the items in a way that makes it more artistic? For example, if you have a large book collection, then organize all the books on your shelves by color, so suddenly the colors of the books come alive and add a colorful and playful element to the space. Try this and you will see that an entire grouping of red spine books will make a bold statement when placed all together as opposed to scattered about in a more reckless fashion.

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