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4 years ago

I think this is going to be my last haul for a while. Please skip to the bottom half if you do not want to hear a sad story today. ..... Yesterday we had to pay over $550 in medications and testing for our 14 week old puppy Romeo. So it`s needless to say I shouldn`t be spending on myself for a while. The crazy thing is that earlier last week I had a gut feeling that something bad was going to happen ( I usually get these feelings when something bad IS going to happen). But I had no idea that bad thing would be happening to one of my new adorable little pups who somehow got infected with the parvo virus even though he had his shots already. A few years ago I threw a huge bbq for my husband`s birthday in our backyard. One of our visitors brought their dog that was sick because they wanted to keep an eye on him (soooo irresponsible), our puppies were so little still and they were missing their parvo shot so that made me really nervous. about 3 days after the party we took our puppies to the vet for them to get their parvo shot and told the doctor that they had been in contact with an infected puppy so the vet did not want to give them their shots until they were tested first. Only one came out positive so we had to keep them separated. Our infected puppy was not strong enough to fight the disease despite our attempts. She ended up passing away on July 4th and that was one of the saddest days of my life. The day after my puppy died I noticed my other puppy was acting strange so we decided to find a new vet. We ended up finding one that was able to save his life! We still go to this vet even though we no longer live in the area. Anyways fast forward a few years, now our 14 week old Romeo is infected with this awful disease. So there was no way we were willing to let that happen to this little guy. When a puppy gets infected with parvo there chances of survival without treatment is about 20% but with careful treatment it can be way over 50%. Most puppies who get this virus need to be hospitalized and it can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Luckily we were able to catch this in its very early stage. Since we were already familiar with parvo and it`s symptoms we already knew that being lethargic and not eating was a big sign that something is wrong. As soon as I made an emergency appointment with our vet, our puppy threw up on our kitchen floor. So that right there was a huge indicator that he more than likely had parvo. And after a series of tests from out vets he was able to confirm that Romeo was parvo positive. Luckily our vet was kind enough to let us take home a medicine that is very potent and he gave my little Romeo a very good chance of surviving. My husband and I would do anything for our little guys so spending over $500 on them is something we do not regret doing (it will just mean tightening our belts just a little more). (During late January our 3 year old chihuahua named Sophie gave birth to 4 adorable puppies. We gave one away to our front door neighbors and kept the other 3 until we can find homes for at least one of them). Romeo seems to be doing better right now....he started eating again today and seems playful so I hope his immune system is strong enough to fight this awful awful disease. We are keeping a 24 hour watch on him and giving him IVS and oral meds. He seems to be doing better so far. He is such an active and fun loving puppy that not even a disease like parvo can bring him down. Please pray for him.

Anyways, enough of my sad story.....(I just want this nightmare to end). Earlier this week I went to Target to see if they had any cute bathroom accessories. I was in need of a new soap dispenser for our master bath because the one we had would always get stuck and not pump out any soap at all (don`t you just hate that?). For weeks I had my eye on a really cool soap dispenser that was made out of glass. It has a retro look to it which I love and it`s also clean and contemporary. I kind of want to do a beach theme in our bathroom and I thought that this soap dispenser would go well because it kind of reminded me of sea glass. For the quality and look you get from this soap dispenser you would be very surprised to find out it is only $10. They have them in a few other colors too.

In the same shopping area as Target there is a Ross so I decided to go in there to see what new things they had. I saw that they had a lot of home decor items in their home decor section so I decided to go check it out. Usually I never find anything I like in their clearance section but this time they had tons of cute things but I only purchased a big white owl that was on sale for only $5.49.

From Ross that same day I also purchased 3 silver candle holders. I was really excited when I found these because I had been looking for similar ones for a long time but everywhere I went they were really expensive. These were less than $9.99 each! All I need now is 3 long stick candles. I just don`t know what color to get them in.

I totally forgot to mention the next item in my last home decor haul. It is a wall plaque that says "Always kiss me goodnight". This plaque has a lot of meaning to me because 5 years ago while hubby and I were planning our upcoming wedding, we promised each other to never ever ever go to bed mad at each other. Even if we have an argument late at night we will stay up and argue until we makeup even if that means feeling groggy the next day. lol. This plaque goes well with my color theme in our bedroom. It was only $5.99.

Last but not least I stopped by the Container store a few weeks ago to find some containers for my kitchen. I ended up getting 3 stainless steel and glass containers which I now use to store my brown rice and beans. Having clear containers is a great idea because not only do they look cute, you also know when you are running low on whatever you put it it, whether it be black beans or m&ms. These were less than $9 each.

So sigh....this will be my last haul for a while (hopefully not too long)

Do you like being home decor? What is your favorite store to shop for home decor items?

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