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5 years ago

As I was reading Bykln-Queen`s post on her fabulous DIY wall art (it`s amazing, make sure you check it out), I realized that I haven`t posted my new home decor finds. As you all know, I am obsessed with home decor. I aspire to be an interior decorator for my friends and family some day but in the meantime I practice in my own home. My taste may not be the same as everyone`s because I tend to like super girly flashy decor but I`ve also helped my parents decorate some rooms in their home with a completely different (and more mature) decor style than mine.

On Saturday my husband and I took two of my younger sisters to the drive in movie theater to watch 21 Jump Street and American Reunion (pretty good movies by the way). We had an hour to kill so we decided to go to Ross just for fun. I wasn`t really interested in any of the clothes they had so I went straight to their home decor section and found a few things. I purchased a really cute white ceramic sea horse that I currently have in my bathroom. I am thinking about doing a beach theme for my Master bath so I thought this was a good way to start. In the decor section I also found a really cute sign that says "dream". I have one just like it that says "love" which I absolutely love so I thought this one would be perfect for my our bedroom. Its pretty large and was dirt cheap. The last thing I picked up at Ross was a really cute clear vase with one single pink rose. I am not good with keeping real flowers alive so I thought this would be a good alternative.

Sea Horse $5.99
Dream Plaque (?) $6.99
Single Rose with vase $5.99

A few weeks ago I purchased an apothecary jar at Marshalls which I now use to store and display my fruit. I don`t like fruit bowls because they always attract fruit flies so this was a better alternative for me. Not to mention, more attractive too. I already had a smaller apothecary jar that I purchased last year so I decided to use both of them for storing fruit.

Apothecary jar: $9.99

At Winco foods (random I know) I saw some beautiful Azaleas for only $3.99 so I had to have them. Yes, I know that I just said that I kill all living flowers and I am totally contradicting myself but my husband who does Landscaping for a living told me that Azaleas last a very long time and are not too delicate. I`ve had them for several weeks now and so far so good. I love their fuchsia pink color and they go very well with my living room`s color theme.

I also wanted to share with you a few pieces that I am currently working on for my Etsy store. As some of you know I started making Sunburst mirrors last Fall. I have probably sold nearly 70 of them since then so I decided to step up my game and make larger ones in different colors. So far I have made silver, rose gold, gold, white, black, watermelon pink and my favorite Tiffany blue. I love making these mirrors and hope to sell them in the future months as soon as I have made plenty of them.

Do you like interior decorating? How would you describe your decorating style? Shabby chic, modern, contemporary, romantic....etc....

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