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Five films five stories that speak of true love and human survival.

- The Impossible was the movies that touched me the most , even more knowing that it is a true story . I can not imagine the despair and suffering of the family . This is the story of a family who is in the midst of the tsunami that devastated the coast of Thailand , in 2004 . Mary, Henry and their three sons begin their vacation in Thailand looking for a quiet few days in tropical paradise . However , on the morning of December 26th , as the family relaxes in the pool after the Christmas festivities , a terrible noise arises from the center of the earth . Mary paralyzed , he sees before him a huge wall of dirty water that comes your way.
Then will search and try to survive that great catastrophe, and yet the fact that almost impossible to gather all the family.

- Slave 12 years is based on a true story of one man`s struggle for survival and freedom. A free black man who lived in NY , is tricked , kidnapped and sold into slavery .
This man over these 12 years will fight for their survival and dignity.

- Captain Phillips is another true story that tells of a cargo ship that was attacked by Somali pirates . And how this captain to protect your boat put his own life at risk .

- Hours tells the story of a man who arrives at the hospital with the woman in labor .
But who should be the happiest day of your life , quickly becomes the most tragic day.
As not just the birth of his daughter and the premature death of his wife , yet had to face Hurricane Katrina , which was ravaging the hospital .
The hospital will be evacuated , but when he realizes that no one will get you and baby will be a fight to keep daughter alive in an incubator which is connected to machines to breathe .
The love of father and mother really outweighs any difficulty and barrier.

- Frozen is a cartoon I saw with small daughters . And quite liked the message of this cartoon . This film speaks of true love , who really likes , like with all its flaws and qualities.

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