Home Alone Child Star making a Comeback???

2 years ago

Hey there,

Aww man, whatever happened to Macauley Culkin? He was such an adorable child star back in the days of the famous and still funny Home Alone. I thought for sure he was going to stay in the spotlight and become a great start but unfortunately that didn`t happen.

He claimed that when he was a child star his parents screwed him and did NOT manage his funds properly. I can imagine, I`m sure they just took the money and splurge on all kinds of things. Parents who have child stars should not be allowed to touch the money. That`s messed up and now look at him.

Rumor has it that he will be starring in a British film Service Man that is not to be released until 2013. I hope all goes well for him. I think he looked way better as a kiddo tho, now he just kind of let himself gowhy?

What do you think?
Can he still make a comeback?

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