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2 years ago

Younique Products is a cosmetic brand relatively in its youth, having been founded a mere two years ago. In that short span of time, they`ve managed to make quite a name for themselves. Without a doubt, their most recognizable product is their 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. My sister recently became a representative and shared a picture of her before and after using this product. She already has insanely gorgeous lashes, but they looked like falsies in the pic! I had to try this stuff out.

I just received mine in the mail and wasted no time trying it out! I`m used to having to use multiple mascaras to really get that volume and length I love. My lash process is the LONGEST portion of my makeup routine. I`ve been using Smashbox Full Exposure for volume. The brush and deep black color are great, but the formula is too wet to really hold up and give me that BAM look I like. So I use Covergirl Colossal Volum Express on top of that for EXTRA volume. Then I finish with Clinique High Lengths mascara while my lashes are still wet to really lengthen out those babies and get that long and full look. TALK ABOUT A PROCESS!! So the idea of using only one mascara that will give both length and volume was very welcome!

Cue 3D Fiber Lash Mascara! This stuff blew me away!! Check out that picture! That was only two coats! I could have done a third to really bump up that look! That`s what I love about this product. It`s so buildable! Layer upon layer upon layer without clumping! Its incredible! I can`t use enough exclamation points!!!! haha! This stuff creates lashes where there are none! The first tube is a black gel, much like a thin mascara. You coat every inch of your lashes. Get in those corners! Top and bottom, side to side! No lash gets left behind! Then, while your lashes are still wet (that`s the key!), get that tube of fibers out. These are literally little black fibers that will adhere to the gel you just laid down. The more you run those fibers over your lashes, the more bold and full your lashes will become. If you have short, sparse lashes, this is the mascara for you! The fibers actually build upon one another as you apply. So once you have a few fibers at the tip of your natural lash, the next layer of fibers will attach to the last layer of fibers and create long individual lashes, even if you have no length of your own! Amazing!!

Bottom Line: GET THIS!! YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE!! Seriously though, click the link below to order this and get your lashes to the most fabulous level they can be! You deserve that sultry, sexy, come hither look that only a good set of lashes can provide. And now you can have it without the falsies, without multiple tubes of mascara and without those pricey lash extensions. I don`t know how they did it, but I`m sure glad they did! Now get lashy!!

Order here! You know you want to...:

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