Holy Cow Korean Dramas!

5 years ago

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I`m not Korean but I love to watch Asian soap operas. I like Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, etc. I don`t discriminate as long as it`s a good romantic story.

So, I was catching up on some shows on Hulu and saw that they had a Korean drama available. (I just never noticed before. Sorry, if I`m behind and this is old news.) Anyways, I was skeptical because I figured it was solely in Korean. To my delightful surprise, it has English subtitles! Yay! I was able to watch it for free.

I don`t know which shows are free to watch and which requires you to buy Hulu`s premium service. I think it`s a great deal even if you have to buy the premium membership because you can watch it online anytime and it`s just convenient to search through their trusted database and know it`s not infected with spam or viruses.

They had Dream High and Dream High 2 which I know is very popular.

After more browsing, I noticed they have Chinese and Japanese dramas too. I haven`t scrolled through their entire databases yet.

Source link: http://qaseh-anisa.blogspot.com/2010_12_28_archive.html

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