Hollywood: What Happened?!

Classic Hollywood seems to have been much better and more interesting then the Hollywood of today. Not to say there weren`t scandals, because there were as many controversies and scandals back then as there are today, but the actresses had a certain beauty, talent, class and glamor that is largely missing today.

During classic Hollywood there was a mystique an untouchable quality to movie stars. They were stars, set on pedestals high above the normal people. Nowadays, It seems as they are just regulars, & that anyone can do it. Which is not exactly the case, you have to be able to have the acting ability, the charm, and the beauty, as superficial as that sounds that is alot of the appeal to hollywood, especially classic hollywood. Also these girls were absolutely breath taking, the way they spoke and walked and everything about them was just so feminine. The new stars seem to lack this amazing quality.
Lets compare the old hollywood and new hollywood shall we?
Old Hollywood: Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Veronica Lake, Viven Leigh, Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn, ect.
New Hollywood: Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, ect.

Obviously Hollywood has changed. One thing I do have to say is as much as I absolutely adore Marilyn Monroe. I think she is the essence of beauty. She was considered a slut back in the old days, and Now we consider her the idea of class. It is kinda sad isnt it? Our idea of class is the old Hollywood`s idea of Paris Hilton.

Now I am not saying that we do not have our occassional classy girl next door (Jennifer Aniston, Mandy Moore, Victoria Beckham) but we deffinitely do not have as many. I mean I am only 18 so I cant exactly say "back in my day" about the 50`s but I still can research and figure out that the idea of classiness sure has changed and I wish it would come back. One person I love that talks about this is Victoria Beckham. She actually said in a video how she wishes that the old hollywood would come back with the femine aspects and glamour, that we dont have much of today. We have glamour but just a new idea of it.

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