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The big Hollywood producers have contacted an agreement to try Megaupload, before proceeding with the process that ended in the closure of the site.

Who goes that news is an Australian site, the New Zealand Herald, citing e-mails sent by producers such as Disney, Warner Bros., Fox and Turner Broadcasting.

According to the website, the producers wanted to share content and the ability to assign exclusive content in exchange for sharing of profits from advertising.

Emails have been sent by the executive producers cited, showing interest in an agreement. and has never seen any agreement between these entities, the "rejection" of the proposal meant that these producers have just sue the Megaupload site at the end of January.

According to the website, this is one of the arguments of lawyers Megaupload. It is also indicated other arguments will be "lançados2 the defense, including more than 500 accounts of members of the associations representing the film industry and record, and more than 1000 accounts of members of U.S. agencies.

This story has been long, starting at closing and the arrest of several officials from Megaupload and its founder, Kim Schmitz who was released a month later and now had the right to a "pension" money locked due to the process, about 48 thousand dollars a month.

The request to extradite Kim to the U.S. will be decided in August, the New Zealand courts.

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