Holly Madison Is Fat Round #2

5 years ago

Irecentely did a postwhere Itold that the producers of Holly`s tv show told her that she was fat and she had to loose weight,now I found another new where Jayde Nicole, aplaymate in case you don`t know, said on a recent interview that Holly had to loose about 10 pounds of fat.... Once again, is the world going nuts???
She said "if you`re amodel, you`re expected to be in a good shape"... Idon`t get what she means by "good shape" since Holly is in the best shape possible, she looks toned, curvy, skinny and super sexy, I don`t get how can everybody be calling her fat, she is so sexy and in such a good shape, really the medic jis just horrible, she doesn`t needs to loose even 1 pound, she looks stunning!
Anway, what`s your honest opinion?

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