Holistic health awareness adds beauty insideout!

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Being aware of the benefits of a holistically healthy body is well worth pursuing. Beauty that is well taken care of through exercise, healthy eating, proper rest, and makeup for ladies shows that we are physically healthy. But a holistic conscience individual looks not only to the outer appearance but to the inner beauty and health benefits of a healthy mind and spirit. Studies have shown that a person with a healthy mind has less stress and anxiety which maintains a regular endocrine system allowing for the heart to be healthy. A healthy heart, healthy mind, and healthy spirit equals a healthy body that the world see`s. They see not only the outward beauty portrayed through self confidence obtained through a healthy mind but also a healthy spirit which says, "That person is beautiful." How important do you think holistic health is to the overall beauty of an individual? Come on ladies give me some feedback on this as I am curious to how females feel on this subject.

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