Holiday Etiquette

12:25am the night before Thanksgiving and I`m stuck on what to make for the family gathering tomorrow. Appetizers, side dishes, desserts... what`s appropriate and what will be received with rave reviews?? If someone else is making the whole meal, is it wrong to bring a dish or would it be appreciated? Well I, for one, haven`t the foggiest! So I did a little brainstorming on proper etiquette for the dinner party and here are a few wee tips that came to mind...

1. When in doubt, go with a non-main course dish. If you don`t have even an idea of what the host/hostess is making for dinner and don`t feel comfortable asking, mix up some dip or a batch of puppy chow/muddy buddies. There`s no competition with the cook, but everyone will still love these tasty morsels!

2. If you`re not a cook, buy pre-baked and get a fancy dish! So Aunt Millie`s pumpkin pie recipe turned into a goopy, soupy mess... who cares! Grab yourself a few bags of Pepperidge Farms cookies and a nice looking tray, arrange the cookies in a pretty fan shape and voila! Thoughtful dessert ;)

3. They said "Don`t bring a dish". If they`re drinkers, grab a nice bottle of wine. Semi-sweet would be the safest bet for most palates. Dry wines are a little risky since you either love them or hate them. If they stear clear of the liquour, buy a pretty glass bottle from a housewares or craft store and throw in some Country Time lemonade mix. Pink lemonade is delicious!! Add some flair with sliced lemons or limes for a nice effect.

4. Having mentioned fancy dishes... everything looks better when it`s in a pretty package. You could throw a roll of dough in a pretty dish with some tissue and ribbon and people would rave about it. And if you baked the goods yourself, might as well play it all up with some fancy bows!

5. Lastly, ASK! Most people appreciate a little help with a big dinner. So rather than play the guessing game, if you have the ability to ask, do it! 9 out of 10 times this will end up being the best option and a huge help when deciding what to bring.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember to count your blessings tomorrow and every day! Now go make your wonderful dishes, drinks or pretty store bought goodies and eat lots of yumminess with great friends and family!! Happy Thanksgiving!

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