Hokkaido Ice Cream

4 years ago

One thing I love about Hong Kong is that they serve Hokkaido ice cream, which can`t be found in Toronto.

Hokkaido ice cream is made with Hokkaido milk, which in itself, is very special.

You see, our homogenous milk that we have in Toronto only goes up to 3.25%. Hokkaido milk, on the other hand, goes up to almost 5%! That`s almost like cream.

The main difference between cream and Hokkaido milk is that the Hokkaido milk undergoes a different pasteurization process, much like Asian milks. The milk actually turns out a slight tinge of beige rather than white and even with skim milk, you can taste the texture and sweetness of milk! Their skim milk tastes better than our 2% milk here.

That milk used to make this ice cream is what gives it an extra creamy and rich texture. Its very soft and there`s almost no air inside. Imagine a very creamy and soft gelato with the pure taste of cream. It`s delicious! They gave me a small layer of green tea syrup which helped make this an even more delectable treat =)

A cup like this is pretty pricey because Hokkaido milk is expensive in Hong Kong. This ice cream cost about $7 USD.

Have you guys tried this?

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