Hobo Bags Without The Bag!

5 years ago

A while back I posted about "Hobo Bags" which I sometimes will make for dinner. Typically, you put your ingredients into a little pouch made from foil. I wanted to make this meal and include more veggies, which would be too much for the little pouches, so I decided to cook it in the same manner, but without the pouch... I put all of the ingredients into a glass baking dish and covered the whole thing with a tight fitted layer of aluminum foil.

Normally, the meal consists of beef patties, onions, potatoes, butter, and seasonings. This time I put beef patties (seasoned and some french onion soup mixed in), onions, potatoes, baby carrots, mushrooms, butter, and seasonings. Oh, and I also poured the remaining bit of French onion soup into the baking dish. The baking dish was covered with foil and put into a preheated 350 degree oven for 1 hour 20 minutes.

It was delicious. With the added mushrooms and carrots it reminded me of a pot roast, minus the roast and replaced with the beef patties. My husband, of course, didn`t eat the mushrooms. He hates mushrooms. I knew that when I made it but my thinking was "Well, his loss! More for me!"

What I like about this dish is it is so incredibly simple. It is pretty much a no brainer meal. You, more or less, just toss things into the dish and then let it go in the oven. You don`t need to check on it. Just leave it alone to steam under the foil and about an hour and twenty minutes later you have an awesome meal made up of your meat and veggies. You just have to dip them into a bowl/plate and enjoy!


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