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Hello all. Hope everyone had a blessed and happy holiday with their family and most of all, hope your wallet is not completely empty! NOTE: I am in no way bragging about the presents I received this year. It is simply my way of sharing joy and if in the case you guys find pleasure in this post, I am happy to share what my family got me this merry Christmas! Lets get started ::

1) Northface Jacket: Ten years ago, I wanted a Northface really bad, mostly because everyone had it. My parents never got it for me because its expensive but I quickly gave up on the idea of owning one. Now, ten years later, my parents decide to get me one when I dont care for them anymore. Lol! My dad literally coerced me into getting one. Okay well, maybe not coerced he tricked me by saying he needed to go to Macys to buy a jacket so I tagged along and we ended up at the Northface section in the womans department. Surprise! Im very grateful for my parents because I told them all I really wanted for Christmas was a new chair for my desk because my old one was falling apart and uncomfortable. Cannot lie, I do love the colour!!

2) Benefit Groovy Kind-a-Love Kit: I am excited for this gift because I tend to shy away from buying makeup and I dont own any Benefit cosmetics , so I cannot wait to test it out. Inside are the POREfessional primer, benetint, blush, 4 eyeshadow colours, mascara, an eyeshadow applicator, and a blush brush. I WILL DO A SEPARATE POST ON THIS PRODUCT IN THE BEAUTY SECTION.

3) Candles: Candles are one of those gifts that can never go wrong. Not only do they smell good but they act as decors for your home. Kill two birds with one stone.

4) Boom-box iPhone stereo: Its an iPhone dock where you can play your music. I think its so cute with the design to look like an actual boom-box. I was joking how I could carry this around the streets on my shoulders and play music from it really loud!

5) Red Dress: This acts as a dress for me but you can make it a sweater as well. I love the style and sweater dresses are always nice for this weather! Its from Joyce Leslie and thats one of my all-time favorite clothing stores.

6) Incense Diffuser: Again, can never go wrong with these. I love how nicely bottled and decorative the bottle is. Needless to say, my room is going to be a candle store in itself.



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