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5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

HOT POT, i`m a huge fan of it.
But there are loads of different style, like korean, and Shanghai, and Taiwanese, and hk style are all different. Similar in some way, but different.

This is an example of HK hot pot at a friend`s house. Mine usually includes raw fish to eat as sashimi (i will definitely upload a post about it during winter which is when i make hotpot). however at this firend`s house they put more emphasis on the meat balls and tofu balls.. etc and didn`t even have prawns. OMG NO PRAWNS. i was dying inside lol. But it was such a nice gesture of them and i truly appreciated what they had prepared for us. Just for me, it`s very typical to have prawns.

For those who don`t konw the tradition of hot pot, basicaly there`s a pot of soup, sometimes halfed in the middle , one side will be chilly - and you basically put in whatever raw ingredients that is served on table and eat it once it starts floating (indicating that it`s cooked). However, most of the time, we dont just put things in for ourselves. we normally ask "i`m putting veggies in, who wants veggies" people will answer "ME" and you`ll put in veggies according to how many people would like some.

The more the merrier to me when it comes to hot pot. i love it for winter, it warms everyone up =]

Thanks for dropping by, all photos are mine, please don`t steal

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