Hit or Miss: Lil Kim

Hey guys! Here we have female rapper Lil Kim in a wacky ensemble. She has on a bedazzled nude shirt with a fluffy shrug, a tight white skirt and a belt that was too loose.

I have no idea what she was thinking wearing this! The nude shirt doesn`t even look great because it`s a lighter shade than her skin tone, plus the cloth is too thick. The shrug looks like a muppet and the skirt is stretching because it doesn`t quite fit right.

Is it a hit or miss for you guys?

Source link: http://omg.yahoo.com/photos/what-were-they-thinking-02-17-1329425363-slideshow/;_ylt=AjJATdc2PSHWIqeU06g36ojPxBx.;_ylu=X3oDMTRuM

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