Hit Or Miss: Kylie Minogue

Let`s get one thing very clear: we would never be okay with this peace, love and Bruce Springsteenthemed ensemble if it weren`t being modeled by everyone`s favorite pocket-size Aussie pop star (easy Olivia Newton John, you`re 5`6"that`s giant territory compared to Minogue`s 5` stature). And, we might add, if it weren`t being worn for a music video being taped in London. But even if this were Kylie Minogue`s Sunday church ensemble, somehow, on the sunny blond, the normal rules of dress just do not apply. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the woman`s butt is worth $5 million. And not just in a "her butt is amazing" kind of way but, rather in a "reportedly insured for that amount" kind of way. But, we digress.

<strong>The Jacket:</strong> It really couldn`t be more Kylie unless it was equipped with speakers that played "Locomotion" and "Can`t Get You Out of My Head" on loop. For starters, it`s a motorcycle jacket, so it`s tough, much like the star herself, who has proven she`s a survivor, both of a very public battle with breast cancer and of the volatile music industry. But, like the bombshell herself, it`s also an over-the-top proponent of love, literally wearing its heart on its zipper, the way a Harley-riding CareBear might do.

<strong>The Shorts:</strong> To be fair, they`re more like cutoff hotpants, which just so happens to be the singer`s signature item of clothing, for reasons that are fairly self-explanatory. Did we mention that she`s 40-something? It might be time to give Foster`s another go.

<strong>The Boots:</strong> The sort of thing Buffy the Vampire Slayer might wear for a dressed-up patrol, these dominatrix-style platform lace-ups offer more coverage than the shorts, and a good four-inch boost too. Bonus.

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