HIT OR MISS: Demi Lovato in Topshop


Demi Lovato was spotted wearing a Topshop outfit to ABC`s "Good Morning America." It seemed as if she was trying to match the spikes alot...

This outfit, in my opinoin, is wrong on so many levels... I feel like she`s trying to hard to match the atrocious "spikes" too much. The spikes are EVERWHERE! On the boots, on her jean jacket, on her dress!I mean, I like spikes when it`s only on one piece of clothing.

I think that the skirt is really unflattering too... It`s just all too much. I think that maybe if she wore these items seperatley, than maybe it would work. MAYBE.

I feel that this outfit does not match her body type either, and it doesn`t really do any good for her. And don`t even get me started on her pink hair. Again, trying too hard.

I think she`s a sweet girl, but it`s sad to see her 6 months ago wear beautiful gowns like Alexander Wang, and now wearing this... crap.

Overall, this is a HUGE miss for me. I rate this a 0/10 because it`s atrocious, in my opinoin.

Anyways, now I have some questions for you guys...

1. Is this a HIT or MISS?
2. What would you rate this out of 10?

Comment below if you have any questions, XO! :)
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