HipsterIndie. Yes or No?

4 years ago

So, `Indie` and `Hipster` is way in fashion now. Personally I LOVE it and am wearing clothes and accessories that fit this fashion. I love the hair, fashion, makeup, accessories, music and everything. However, some people think `Indie` and `Hipster` are just mainstream fashion statements, but they are wrong. You cannot have the attitude of a `chav` or `gangsta` and wear `Indie` or `Hipster` clothes, and then call yourself `Indie` or `Hipster. You must act, appreciate, dress, and actually LIKE `Indie` or `Hipster`. You cannot wear the fashion or call yourself `Indie` or `Hipster` just to follow the crowd. However, it is hard to be a true `Indie` or `Hipster` as you would more than likely get called `mainstream` or a `crowd follower`.

Anyway, what is your opinion?

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