Hip Hop Artist Appreciation: Joe Budden

Okay, so before one of his songs was featured on the Radio ("She Don`t Put It Down Like You" ft. Lil Wayne) A LOT less people had heard of Joe Budden, and even now I don`t know how well-known he is but he is definitely one of the most under appreciated rappers in the Hip Hop game right now.

Budden has a way with lyrics that is unrivaled by MANY of the popular artists you hear on the radio. Definitely not a PG-13 artist, he cusses a lot and speaks on mature topics. The video I`ve linked above is a good example, it`s a 3 song story sequence where he goes through the stages of his previous relationship. He talks about his own emotional baggage, his exe`s accusations, and how the relationship played out. I`m definitely look at a song`s lyrics over it`s beat, and I can`t get enough of Budden`s lyrical flow. His delivery, voice, and lyrics really hit home for me.

Another great aspect of Budden`s songs are the beats. He incorporates a lot of R&B aspects as opposed to artists such as Big L. He even has a song that starts off with acoustic guitar.

I just think Joe Budden is by far one of the realest rap artists out there. He has his more typical songs, talking about groupie girls and partying and money but a lot of his songs go deeper and explore his relationship with his mom ("Momma Said") or current relationship with his girlfriend, ("You and I" ft. Emanny).

If you`re into lyricism or more meaningful songs, I would definitely recommend checking out Joe Budden. By far one of the most under appreciated artists making music right now.

Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FW8TLBu_Bwk

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