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4 years ago

I bought two differents candles from that brand because I use to love burn candles but after spent too much money on them I`m not a fan anymore.
I was arrived to this brand because I heard that company, the not fairs ones, use to put shit in their candles that can be harmful or dangerous to breathe.
Can you imagine how bad can be smell something that should be nice and make your house smell good and instead it`s dangerous? It mainly happened obviously with Chinese products but not only and you can definitely tell if a candle smells like plastic or something bad.

So without further re-do, I bought the one of green light after tried the most beautiful one which was the Vanilla one (I love Vanilla) but this one isn`t the same as the other one. It`s nice at the beginning but after a while it annoys me so much and I had to shut down or open the windows to change air because I really can`t stand its smell. Buying online makes me made huge mistake sometimes.. I would rather buying those things in person because could you believe that it took me almost a year to finish it even if it says on the glass that it can last 24 hours?? I hate it sorry...nothing like the first one...

I would love to try the very famous Yankee Candle but I don`t know if they are natural and I don`t know where to get them and if there is a smell nicer than other...would you ever tried a good Yankee Candle?

* link of the photo is below

Source link: http://www.himalaya.it/candele_green_lights.php

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