Hilary Duff and her weight

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I really hate when all people are interested in your weight and know better what`s good for you. It`s my body i could do whatever i want with it. You don`t like it ? Sorry, but i don`t care what you like or don`t like.
I am so so pissed off. You know that Hilary Duff was pregnant. It was three months ago and she has got a beautiful little boy ;-) She looks so happy always smile because she is now mother, i can`t imagine how happy she is. She is now spending whole days with her son which is obviously for me. But not for all gossip sites...They said that she should lost weight now, that it`s three weeks after the birth and she is still big bla bla bla. Because it`s some new trend, i am pregnant i go to hospital and next day i lost all my kilograms and i am even slimmer than before. I hate all that celebrities that are saying oh i lost 20 kg in one week it`s nothing much. Nothing much ? I am sorry but that kind of celebrities probably see their childrens only once in a day because they spend whole days and nights on the gym. They hire like 10 babysitters and they have time to loose weight. But Hilary said that she doesn`t want to do this, she want to spend whole time with her son. So sweet.
She is going to the gym but this is not the most impornant thing in her life now. So, realx people you don`t need to be that rude for her ;-(

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