Hiking - Total Body Workout

4 years ago

For those of you who just started working out, high intensity activities such as running or interval training may not be suitable for you.

Most people start off with walking, but walking does not burn too many calories. If you want to ramp up your calorie burn and tone your entire body, try hiking.

I love running, but sometimes, my body just does not agree with me. I would be running 1 KM and my legs would already start to give out even though I normally run 5KM or more.

Hiking is an alternative to that. Though it does not burn as much calories per hour, you are able to do the exercise longer than running which makes up for it.

As you engage your entire body hiking, it helps to tone every part of your body. Just remember to keep your posture straight rather than leaning forward. Keeping your posture straight targets the abs.

Hiking can be done both outdoors or indoors. If you are near a hill that`s great! But if you`re indoors, the treadmill can be a good alternative. Just set the incline higher. The better thing about treadmills is that you can set your own incline, so you can gauge your performance.

Hope that helps!

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