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4 years ago

As mentioned earlier in my posts, i`ve been working out and clean eating as a choice of lifestyle.

Let me tell you a little story... In my family we have horrible stress genes that have been passed onto me. I was such a stress head that i wanted everything to be perfect. I was a perfectionist for many years and hated it. Being a perfectionist is like a disease- its not a good thing at all. Humans need to make mistakes and know how to forgive yourself. But anyway, over the last few years my stress turned into severe anxiety and i began to feel really sick for months. Imagine having food poisoning every minute of everyday for months. It felt just like that. Before I knew it I lost 10kgs and probably my self confidence too. I was diagnosed with Gastritis and it turned my life up side down.

A couple of years later with love and support from family and friends, i began to feel stronger each day. I learnt to deal with the gastritis and maintain a diet low of fatty foods and acids.

Later on i began to eat clean and workout for the body of my dreams.
Today i feel fit as can be!! My gastritis has subsided and im stress free :D. I always knew i was born a happy kid hehe

So this is me. Skinny but strong!
about to start my HIIT training. Abs abs abs come at me!!!!!!!!

Has anyone else had a health related issued that affect you for years? You`re not alone :) remember that x

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