Highlighter jeans: In or Out?

4 years ago

Hey lovely luuuxers! So, as many of you know, everyone is raving about highlighter jeans! The question is, is the talk good or bad? Well, I am here to tell you.
So, highlighter jeans are obviously very popular in stores like Hollister, American Eagle, Aeropostale, JCPenny, Justice, Etc. But just what opinions do the shoopers have?
Well, most the shoppers LOVE them! And, I don`t blame them!
They are super happy looking pants!
I just think some of them don`t know when to say enough is enough.
Meaning...my body has had enough clothes that looks bad on it and this just pushes it.
Some people who love them..let me tell you..
they might not love you back.
You really just need to know your body and compare to how they would look on someone of a smaller pant size.
So remember, just because it zips..don`t mean it fits. ;)

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