Highest Water Slide in the World

5 years ago

Ready to take a ride on the world`s highest water slide? This is the Insano located at Beach Park, a water park in Brazil. The <strong>Insano</strong> is the world`s highest, standing tall at a whopping 41 meters. Need something a bit more visual? That`s the equivalent of a 14-story building. Eep! Super scary.

Yes, it does give you a crazy rush because of the slope and height. The entire descent probably takes about 4 to 5 seconds. <strong>The speed? 105 km/h!</strong> It is such an extreme ride that the Insano provides you a relaxing swimming pool area at the end of its track.

Sounds too scary for me. I can`t even handle a regular water slide at the water park. When I was younger I spent so much time waiting in line for the water slide with my cousins and when I got to the very top I chickened out! I had to take a walk of shame walking past all the other kids that were also waiting in line because the only way down was the slide... or the stairs that I had originally taken to get up there. It was so embarrassing. And my dad didn`t make it any better by laughing at me when I got back down..... <em>Childhood memories.
<strong>Are you brave enough to take a RIDE on this WATER SLIDE (yes, that rhymed)?</STRONG>

If you want a simulated ride on the Insano, follow this link and scroll down using your mouse! http://adweek.blogs.com/adfreak/brazilian-water-park-makes-a-splash-with-e-mailed-waterslide-ad.html

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