High Tech Bicycles are the Future

4 years ago

In a world where a lot of cities are overpopulated with daily congestion in traffic. The future goes back to an old invention in the bicycle. But I think that what`s amazing is that as old a device it is there are still many innovations in the design and technology of a bicycle this day. Take an example of the two above pics that looks like they come from a Sci Fi movie.

In the first one you no longer have to worry about the hub or spoke getting broken as that is removed in Brandon Waugh`s concept design. In the second pic we have Yuji Fujimura`s concept for an electric bicycle that also allows you to charge your laptop. Can you imagine a car free world with no more pollution from automobiles?

1) Do you know how to ride a bicycle?
2) Which of the two bicycles above would you prefer?

Source link: http://www.darkroastedblend.com/2010/01/hi-tech-low-tech-bicycle-madness.html

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