High Heel Tape Dispenser

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Scotch has made a tape dispenser that is a high heel! What girl doesn`t want this at their desk at work, or home. It is so stylish and cute. For $9.99, it comes with the high heel and a roll of tape. It`s a great price and such a unique girly idea.

I will be purchasing this soon! It makes a great gift. I have given it to my friends as gifts in the past. Many people love this and say they receive compliments all the time at work. Some people complained that the tape wheel pops out sometimes because of the angle/arch. But, if that happens, it is easy to fix, just a pain if you are constantly reaching for some tape. Who cares right? I just want it to complete my desk look.

Others claim that it is very practical and looks stylish. You can pick this up at Staples or wherever you purchase your office supplies. If you look online, there are some different varieties on different websites. However, I trust the Scotch tape brand, so I would recommend this product.

Source link: http://www.staples.com/Scotch-Shoe-Tape-Dispenser/product_321839

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