High Fat High Calorie Diet? Weight gaining shakes?

3 years ago

Now this isn`t for the body builder or the man who is looking to put on some extra muscle, these are literal weight gaining shakes.
Scandishakes are a powder mixture that when added to milk, or milk and ice-cream becomes thick like a real shake. One packet of the mix contains just under 600 calories and yes you`re supposed to use 1 whole packet per shake.
I used to have to drink these shakes all the time when I was younger because having Cystic Fibrosis means you don`t gain weight, intact you lie dangerously underweight. They used to come in three flavors (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry) but over the years they`ve done away with the chocolate ones.
I`ve been in a situation recently where I`ve lost an excessive amount of weight and really need the extra boost to keep my body going.
The hard part about these shakes is that they`re expensive. It`s around $10 for a box of 4 of them and they`re not any cheaper to buy in bulk.
Maintaining a diet high in fat and in calories is just as difficult as a low fat diet, especially in a day now where everything is `fat free` and reduced calories.
To try and consume the extra 600 calories in this shake would be like eating an extra big mac everyday.
My recommended calorie intake per day is 3,600, and I use the word recommended lightly it`s what I have to do to keep a consistent weight and that means I count calories and grams of fat.
I have days where it would be relieving to just have a salad or a light meal, but that isn`t an option.
Losing weight seems like a blessing, but at some point it`s turned into a curse.

You never think about the people at the other end of the table when you`re on a diet to lose weight, just let me say being on a diet to gain weight is just as hard.

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