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3 years ago

If you`re anything like me then every penny you get you plan on how you can spend it on makeup, I guess you could say my obsession is truly taking off. Unfortuneately with the convenient prices of drugstore products I usually have to settle for that, while some can be diamond in the ruff products I have also have had quite a few dissapointments. While I do have a ton of high-end products I have yet to explore that world the way I have wanted to so I went searching for ways for me to purchase high-end products with the not so high prices. My search was more than successful and lets just say my accounts a bit empty with all the online shopping I did.

1. Travel size- High-end products are obviously pricey, and returning something you just dropped 50 dollars on is a hassle so why go through that trouble when you can purchase the travel size products? Do what I did I look through your makeup, what are the products that last you the longest? wther its because of the generous amount you apply or how often you use it. Primers, eye shadow, lipstick, blush, powder and eyeliners are all things I hardly hit pan on so why not purchase a travel size from a high-end brand with the price of a drugstore product? This Technique offers you the avalibility of high-end for a reasonable price, and you don`t feel like you lost much if you end up not liking the product. Travel sizes aren`t just convenient for makeup but also skin care and hair products. Makeup Stores like Sephora have their own page dedicated to travel size products http://www.sephora.com/contentStore/mediaContentTemplate.jsp?mediaId=14000020&om_mmc=GoogleKWL-ws&esvcid=S1388457859_ADOGOb_AGI4267606_ADI6596480_TRMX2NhdCUzYW1ha2V1cA%3d%3d_DVCc_RFDd3d3Lmdvb2dsZS5jb20%3d_RAWdHJhdmVsJTIwc2l6ZSUyMG1ha2V1cA%3d%3d

2. Pro Makeup Discount- Now this way of getting a discount doesn`t apply for everyone however sometimes for bloggers like us all it takes is a url and you can get a discount and the discounts are good. Depending on the brand determines the requirements,unfortuneatly most of the requirements are confirmation of being a makeup artist but some brands aren`t as strict. Makeup brands like Mac who were intended for makeup artist offer almost 50% discount, if you aren`t a makeup artist just someone who likes makeup contact a friend or family member who is in the beauty industry. Here`s a link so you can get a better idea of what I mean http://www.allthingsbee.com/2012/05/pro-make-up-discount-programs-you-must.html

3. Cosmetics whole sale- Ever wonder where business`s keep their products that don`t sell or were in overstock? I think I know where. All Cosmetics Wholesale + Retail is a website where you can find not only high-end but also drugstore products for cheap prices. A lot of the time the prices are even up to half off and believe it or not this website has its own sale page so your basically getting a sale of a product already on sale. I just ordered a bunch of products from this site and I`m very impressed, the shipping was fast and I had an option of a long and I mean long list of brands to pick and choose from. This website also sells brushes, skin care, accessories and more! http://www.allcosmeticswholesale.com/brand

I stand by all these techniques and think they work well when it comes to saving money but still having the access to your favorite brands! Tell me in the comments if any of these websites/techniques work for you!


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