Hiding Ugly Wires!

2 years ago

Wires, whether from a television, extension cord, or even a lamp, can sometimes be ugly and can affect the overall look and feel of a space. After being tired of always noticing the black wire of the lamp in my living room, I decided to get a little crafty and give it a new look - one that blends in more and isn`t as noticeable. And it`s super easy!

1. Tie Rope To Electrical Cord
I used regular twine that you can pick up super cheap at most stores (see second picture). It sort of even blends in with my carpet... much better than the black color sticking out like a sore thumb! I tied the twine around the black electrical cord at the base of the lamp to secure it (see third picture).

2. Wrap Rope Around Electrical Cord
This part is the hard part... it takes quite a bit of time and patience. To keep the rope tightly around the electrical cord as I wrapped it, I decided to keep the ball of rope on the ground and just rotate the electrical cord every time I wrapped the rope around it - otherwise, you end up with quite a tangled mess. Had the rope I used been thicker, it would`ve been easier to just move the ball of rope around the cord as I went, but I found it was easier to do the opposite since my rope was thin and tangled more easily. Then it just comes down to sitting and taking your time wrapping it around!

3. Tie Off Rope and Plug In!
Once your rope is wrapped all the way around the length of the electrical cord, cut it and tie it off at the top near the prongs (see fourth picture). Then, you`re ready to plug in your newly decorated wire!

I`m very glad I decided to do this for my lamp because now the wire is waaayyyy less noticeable and doesn`t stick out and make the space and wall look weird. I definitely recommend trying this out if you have any pesky wires laying around! :)

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