Hide Your Laptop With Cases - Cases That Will Make Your Laptop quotInvisiblequot

4 years ago

Laptops are expensive and gadgets that thiefs like to get their hands on. A laptop can be easily spotted if you don`t carry it safely or if you just use a laptop bag because these days those are obvious and so i present you some more disguised/007 ways to transport your laptop safely and without drawing attention.

<strong>- The macbook pro case against crime</strong> ( not a very original name) - Its a laptop bag for the macbook pro and it is disguised as newspaper, so you can just take the laptop with you on your hands and people will just think you are carrying a newspaper. But don`t expect it to be the same price as a news paper because this cases costs 77$.

<strong>- BookBook</strong> - This book style case is perfect for hiding a macbook since it covers it completely when its opened and closed, no one will suspect you are carrying a macbook if you take that book closed with you. Its not cheap though because it ranges from 79-99$ =/

<strong>- The Powerpizza</strong> - This one is probably my favorite because i think its funny, yet well organized. You have space for your laptop accessories and then a separate space for the laptop with foam under it and you can even strap it to the box to make it even safer. This one has the lower price, costing 20$+shipping.

These are just some of the camouflage cases for laptops and unfortunately they are a bit to expensive, expect the pizza box but they seem to do their job well. I don`t use a case that much because i mostly use my laptop around the house but it would be nice to know that when i take my laptop with me its a bit safer and is not as noticeable.

<strong>What do you think of the cases? Which one is your favorite?
Do you use a laptop case?</strong>

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- http://www.humanbeans.net/powerpizza/index.html

- http://twelvesouth.com/products/bookbook/

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