Hickory Roasted Turkey

11 months ago

Gobble Gobble!!
Sorry guys for the bad picture of the turkey. My husband took this picture cause I was busy with prepping the food. But I had no idea he only took half of a turkey ... Lol

So this Thanksgiving we had some family members come over and of course you need turkey. I was planning on buying one but one day after having dim sum, my sister in law said this place was handing out turkeys. So I went with her and yup, they were handing out turkeys along with stuffing, yams, can of corn, cranberry sauce. There was basically no line. I guess not a lot of people knew about it.
So took it home n looked at it to find out it was pre cooked. So all I had to do was to heat it up in the oven or microwave. Of course I`m gonna use the oven.
I was iffy about the hickory smoke taste cause I`m not a huge fan of that flavor especially on birds. But after cooking it n trying it, not bad. I actually liked it.
I`ve never seen precooked turkey before at the stores. Maybe I wasn`t looking close enough. But if I happen to see one next time Thanksgiving comes around, I might just pick one up.

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