Hibachi, My First Experience =)

5 years ago

Hibachi, My First Experience =)

While I was at Florida, my best friend who lived there took us to the restaurant she works at. The restaurant she works at is called <strong>Saito Japanese Steakhouse</strong> which offers regular Japanese food on one side and Hibachi on the other side. I ate at both sides while I was there but this is the first time I experienced <strong>Hibachi</strong>. I was always interested in Hibachi but never got the chance to do so, so I was happy that I got to try it over in Florida.

Basically we choose what we will like such as chicken, shrimp, etc and the chef cooks the food in front of us and puts on a small show as well. Since my friend that lives there works here, they gave us a lot more food than what we actually ordered. <strong>**Click on photos for better quality**</strong>

<ol><li><strong>"Fried Rice"</strong> was extremely delicious. I love how it tasted and when our chef was cooking it, he made it into a shape of a heart whcih i thought was pretty cute.</li>
<li>This is basically the place where they cooked their food on in front of us.</li>
<li>He is the chef that cooked for us, he did a pretty good job. My best friend was like he isn`t the best hibachi chef that they have there but it isn`t the worse of course.</li>
<li><strong>"Raspberry & Green Tea Lemonade"</strong> was the drinks one of my best friend and I ordered. I really love how the green tea tasted, wasn`t too sweet or too sour.</li>
<li><strong>"Miso Soup & Salad"</strong> was served with our meal.</li>
<li>This is what we ate before our actually meal was served. The fried rice and the veggies was part with the meal.</li>
<li><strong>"Fried Calamari"</strong> was what one of my friends ordered.</li>
<li><strong>"Steak"</strong> was what I ordered and it was cooked medium. The shrimp and scallops were extras that they provided for us.</li>
<li>I really have no idea what this roll is called. It was pretty unique since I never tried it ever in my life. On the outside there is tempura and inside I can only remember having salmon inside. It was made by one of my best friend`s boyfriend who was working that night there. It was extremely tasty.</li></ol>

The whole meal itself would have cost about $90 but the bill for us was only $40 which is a huge discount. I had a great meal and my first time having hibachi was pretty awesome. I love the entertainment and I love the food. Will love to visit here again in the future.

<em>Have you ever tried Hibachi before?
What did you have for dinner?</em>

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