Hi, I`m Anja Adamaris and I`m new on luuux.

5 years ago

I have had an acount on luuux before, but to tell you the truth I was only on here because I wanted to get as much luuux dollars as I need for sigma brushis, which luuux was offering at the time... But now I`m here, once again, and I found out that luuux does not ship to my country, so basecly I`m doing this for fun this time! I love to just come here and look at all of the articles that you guys write. The food part kinda eretates me though, because I`m just starting a diet and seeing all of thoes gorgeous pictures of food doesn`t really get me motivated to lose weight... But besides that, I absolutely love this website, and so I decided to be a part of it again.

I don`t know it introductions are something that all of the people do while first making an account on luuux but I decided to do one! Soo.. Anja is my actual name which I think is Polish, but I`m not sure... And Adamaris is just a name I thought was really pretty and because I`m obviously not going to but my real surname as my nick here, I thought it would be good to put Adamaris. I`m not sure but I think that this name has something to do with courage or something... And as for my real name, I have no idea what it means but it comes from the name Ana.

I`m form Slovenia, for which moast of you probably haven`t heard for, but anyways it`s a really small country in Europe bettween Italy, Croatia, Austia and Hungary. I am atending second year of High School therefore I`m 16 years old.My biggest dream soo far is to be able to go to London as soon as posible.. I really wanna go there because it`s just the moast beutiful city to me, eventhough it has shity weather..Anyway I hope that I will be able to go there this summer. I just think that the city is totaly my style, and I just feel like I bellong there or something, and hopefuly that won`t change when I get there, if I ever will.

Anyways I hope that you will enjoy my posts, hopefully they won`t be too boring and I`m sorry for all of the mistakes... I think you`ll need a miracle to find out what I actually ment. I do speak english very well, but wrighting gives me a bunch of problems... So I appologise for that.

Disclaimer: this picture does not bellong to me, I do not own it.

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