Hey, I am new here, get to knew me :))

Hey guys, so I posted a few post on Luuux and I absolutely LOVE it! So yesterday I have been thinking about it and said to my self that I guess I need to introduce myself an tell a bit about my passions... so hear it goes.
Cherry Blossom is not my name I think that is first I have to say. My real name is Valentina and I used Cherry Blossom for my name here because I love cherry blossom, the color of it and absolutely everything lol.
So now when that is cleared let me tell you about myself. I am beauty freak lol... to be short. I am obsessed with watching beauty videos on you tube. I love make up, styling my hair, and putting together outfits so basically love everything that has to do with fashion. I found out about Luuux from a friend and ever since I have been obsessed with it. i just love looking at the posts you guys make and commenting.
Well unfortunately Luuux does not ship to where I live, so I decided that this page is going to be my little blog.
My favorite places on the earth are Los Angeles and New York, and I absolutely adore London. There is just something about these cities that draws me to tem. I think, that with LA is just the weather... because I have always dreamt about leaving in LA by the beach. NYC because it is one of the fashion capitals and London just has some vibe that draws me to it lol. I havent visit any of this places, but I hope that one day I will be able to go there and may be even live there lol.
My favorite designer brand is Chanel. It just describes me.
So I will stop now and I hope that you got to knew me a bit. And if you would like to ask me anything you can do it I will be very glad to answer lol.

xoxo Cherry Blossom

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